Digifon: Dive Into The World Of The Best Smart Phone Accessories Brand In Canada, The Caribbean And Africa.

Apr 22

In today’s article, we will be diving into the tech world of digifon smart phone accessories and I will take my time to introduce you all to their outstanding products and why you should consider choosing them when next you are going to get smart phone accessories for your Smart devices.

Not too long ago, digifon launched their new collections of wireless products;
Airpods – BoomAir and BoomAir Pro Airpods;
Speakers – Boom Q and Boom Max Speakers;
Super Fast Chargers – Cheetah -1 and Cheetah -2 Chargers;
Cables – 3in1 fast charge and data transfer USB Cables.


The two airpod models currently launched by the brand are namely trademarked – BoomAir and BoomAir Pro TWS (True Wireless Stereo).

The BoomAir is the first generation model while the BoomAir Pro the Pro generation model of digifon airpods. Both models are loaded with the latest chipsets compatible with Android and Apple devices. The special features to look out for in these airpods are; The fast auto connect, passive voice cancellation, touch sensor, airpod and airpod case with long lasting battery life, fast charge original cables, fast charging battery case, loud and clear sound. The difference between the two airpod models ain’t that much however but the Pro edition is just newer and has shorter extended grip than the BoomAir. The BoomAir Pro also comes with free eartips and a red protective silicone case in its packaging, the BoomAir doesn’t have that and doesn’t have need for eartips which is more like the noise cancellation feature for the Pro edition. However, both models have an attractive line of colourful silicon cases to match users lifestyle and mood at every given time and the cases are available in colour; Pink, Blue, Grey and Red.

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The first speaker model is the Boom Q Speakers – they are a mini portable and pocket friendly speakers with beautiful compact sound package that allows for sound separation and let you pair two of the speakers or more with one device to enjoy an extra Boom output experience. The battery life when fully charged last up to about 9 hours which is similar to the energy efficiency in many of the new Speaker models by other top tier brands in the market as well.

This mini speakers has quite a number of other awesome features to consider like its IPX4 Splash and dust proof feature, a nicely attached braided hook that let you carry it around easily and an advanced Inbuilt Microphone that allows you talk while on call and connected to the Bluetooth Speaker without any form of glitch in the sound reception from caller to receiver and lots more yet explored features.

The Boom Max Speakers, which are the second brand of digifon speakers on the other hand are a more superior model in terms of size, sound quality and extra bass audio output amongst other upgraded features than the Boom Q Speakers. Evidently, the Boom Max has a better and much more improved sound that can be likened to connecting multiple Boom Qs to give an enhanced powerful bass output and audio. Significantly, Boom Max is IPX67 dust – water proof and can submerge in water down 1m deep for up to 30 minutes. It has long battery life with 10 hours of active playtime when fully charged and it is Siri enabled (meaning it has smart voice assistance). It also has the ability to connect two and more of the same speakers with one device to play simultaneously; this is like one uniqueness of all digifon Speakers (that is, the ability to pair two or more speakers with one device).

Both Boom Speakers are made of soft silicone coats with rugged, unscratchable material, resistant to corrosion, peeling and wearing out. Boom Q is available in four colours to match your different outfit and personality; The colours are black, blue, army green and red while the Boom Max Speaker is only available in black.

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This brand have been able to provide a very lasting solution to the problem of chargers and their chargers are the ones to trust especially for users of the newer up phones like iPhone 11 and Samsung that doesn’t come with chargers any more, digifon Cheetah chargers are the best recommended to use to keep the batteries working optimally. The Cheetah Chargers are of two different models; The Cheetah-1 12W charger and Cheetah-2 20W charger. Both delivers super fast and high speed charging for your Smartphones. The Cheetah-2 20W charger is compatible with iPhone 11 and the newer iPhone Series which require a minimum of 18W of power to charge them. Both chargers will meet all end user’s needs and provide them with the peace of mind required and jolts of power to fire up their devices as needed for everyday life.


THE digifon 3 IN 1 USB CABLES

With the digifon 3in1 USB Cable – NowUcan charge your different devices with one cable optimally at the same time. This also is the one solution to the problem of low quality and fake 3in1 cables that have far swamped the market over the years and thus made end users not to trust using these type of cables as they believe it usually have reduced effect on devices and cut shut their devices battery lifespan but that’s not the case with these digifon 3in1 USB fast charge and fast data transfer cables… with the digifon 3in1 Cable you bet to have a satisfying experience.

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Now you can see and believe that one cable does it all just like the three Musketeers or the Power Puff Girls (smiles), you can fast charge multiple type of devices with one USB cable Type C, Apple (iOS) and the Micro USB built with braided cable and 2m in length delivering up to 12W of power, you will most definitely appreciate the durability.

Generally , to give a close remark of the brand. “digifon” has been one of the key players in the distribution of wireless smart phone accessories for more than a decade across boards. The fact is, the trademark name “digifon” is a well known brand in Canada certified by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for North America and Central Europe (CE) certified for Europe. They however just moved back into the Nigerian market haven’t left for a while cause years back the market was not a very blooming one due to economic reasons and now they are back and one good thing to take advantage of now is that the price of their accessories are very affordable and you can grade all products made by the brand side by side with other renowned top tier accessory brands in the market as of today.
When we talk about quality, durability, sleekness, style, guaranteed specs, affordable pricing and a brand for all millennials then digifon is that brand to stand you out as one of the smart ones indeed and they are surely here to stay to give the best.

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For more reviews check out their pages on Instagram (@digifon) and Twitter (@digifon_ng)

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