15 Best Fully Funded Master’s Scholarships for 2022/2023

Aug 22

If you are here, it means you want to start your master’s study with a fully-funded scholarship.

This article is meant to show you the best of the best fully funded master’s degree scholarships.

You have the opportunity of choosing among the best universities that offer fully-funded scholarships for master’s students.

There are over a thousand fully funded master’s degree scholarships at the best universities just in the United State alone.

Whether you are from the United States or you are an international student, these scholarships are your best option.

They provide an average monthly stipend of $1000 added with the tuition fees, accommodation charges and health insurance.

With these you have the opportunity of studying at the top-rated universities like Clark University, Berea College, Harvard University and many more.

Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University has a fully-funded Master’s Scholarship for both local and international students. These scholarships offer full tuition fees, academic expenses, and both living and traveling allowances.

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Check their official website to see the steps to follow for application.

Yale University Scholarships

Yale University Scholarships offers fully-funded scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and PhD.

The average Yale University Scholarship is over $50,000. To apply check their official website, and also the deadlines for the scholarships.

University of New Haven Scholarship

The University of New Haven offers Scholarships for only master’s studies. This scholarship will provide an in-depth experience for the students and provide them with the required work opportunities.

At least 75% of tuition is paid and an hourly wage is given to the students. Visit their official website for information about the application. https://www.newhaven.edu/admissions/graduate/graduate-assistantships-scholarships/

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University of Memphis Scholarships

The University of Memphis Scholarship offers for undergraduates, and master’s programs fully funded scholarships.

The scholarship is extended for both local students (Tennessee) and international students. For more information about their application, visit their official website right here. https://www.memphis.edu/scholarships/

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University College London

The University College London is inviting applications for the Bartlett Promise Sub-Suharan Africa Master’s Scholarship program.

This program is a fully-funded scholarship program for both local and international students. Visit their official website for details about the scholarship.

Harvard University

Harvard University is inviting applications for the South Africa Fellowship Programme (HSAFP) for postgraduate studies.

This scholarship is extended to both local residents and international students.

University of Minnesota Fellowship

The University of Minnesota Fellowship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is offered to both Master and Ph.D. students.

It offers full-tuition costs and living expenses. Visit their official website for information about its application. https://grad.umn.edu/funding/fellowship-dates-deadlines

Australian Award Scholarships for Masters Students

The Australian Award Scholarship is a fully funding scholarship offered by the Australian Government under its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

It invites applications for Masters Students for the 2022/2023 academic session. For more information, visit their official website.

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ACI Foundation Scholarship

The ACI Foundation Scholarship offers scholarships for undergraduates, masters, PhD and doctorate studies.

The scholarship provides between $10,000 to $15,000 US educational stipend for tuition, residence and all other expenses. https://www.acifoundation.org/scholarships

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship is also a fully-funded scholarship for both undergraduates and master’s programs. The scholarship covers all expenses like tuition, living allowances, travel, and health insurance.

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Visit their website for details about the deadline for the application. https://www.onsisawirisscholarship.org/

Newman University Birmingham

Newman University Birmingham in the UK is offering a fully-funded Sanctuary scholarship for students seeking asylum. This is one of the most popular master’s scholarship programs for international students worldwide. https://www.newman.ac.uk/

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

The University of Chinese Academy of Science (UCAS) in China is offering scholarships for international students for the 2022/2023 session.

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This scholarship offers fully-funded tuition for a master’s degree program. Official website: https://english.cas.cn/

Orange Tulip Scholarship

The Maastricht University located in the Netherlands is inviting applications for the Orange Tulip Scholarship program for master’s students.

This Scholarship program is a fully-funded program that comes with a colossal of benefits like housing allowances, travel stipends, and many more. Check it out via https://www.studyinholland.nl/finances/orange-tulip-scholarship-programme

KAAD Scholarships

KAAD is a scholarship program organized by the Catholic Church. It offers a fully-funded scholarship program for developing countries around the globe.

Applications for this fall 2022/2023 are currently in progress. For more details about the scholarship, visit their official website. https://www.kaad.de/en/stipendien/stipendienprogramm-s1/

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is located in Australia. It is offering scholarships for its Graduate Research program.

It is a fully-funded scholarship program. Applications for Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarships are currently ongoing. You can check out their website via https://www.adelaide.edu.au/front/international.html

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