“Speechless” By Dboss E Would Definitely Make You Speechless: Check Out Why

Apr 22

If there is one thing Nigerians are known for in the music industry; it is their all-in-one ability that has continued to distinguish them around the globe. Dboss E is one of those International Diaspora artists exhibiting this proficiency.
His ability to switch smoothly between different genres of music is proportional to the vibes he gives off in his songs. At one time, you find yourself feeling remorseful from his rather Gospel-like Hip-pops and just some minutes later, you will be shaking off those dull moments with the aura created by bangs like “Wotowoto”.

The reputable artist who is the CEO of Eddii Music Records and is based in Germany dropped his first album “Speechless” recently consisting of 12 tracks and you can bet “it is a must-listen-to”.

The album which was named after one of the tracks encompasses real-life issues; cutting across several everyday reality such as human trials, love, gratitude, deceit, blessing, gossip, and other common abstract reality that surrounds us.
One surprising and interesting feature of Speechless is the fact that the tracks were recorded in over 3 divergent languages; virtually all the tracks were a blend of English, Nigerian language (Pidgin and Yoruba), and Deutsch (German language).
The album is probably the most diverse in times of language by a single artist you will ever listen to; you can try to prove me wrong if this is not true.

The first track “Pain” expresses the disheartening trend among youths of this age towards their parents. It discusses the difficulties a parent especially, the mother passes through to ensure the success of a child; only for such a child to neglect them when he is supposed to take care of them.
The clarity of the message carried in the track is as though how painful the scenario the Dboss E has lyrically addressed is. Certainly, there is a great need for youths to always show love to their parents.


The second track on the list is burdened to share the title of the album, “Speechless” and is an extension of the life issues he raised in “Pain”. But here, Dboss E focuses on the tribulations and trials faced by a man every moment he spends on Earth.
He also slotted in the importance of love as a solution to this issue since it will make you courageous always. “Speechless” is nothing but a melodious embodiment of reality and the problems entwined with it.

Falsh Gedacht 

It is common for Nigerian artists to attempt to sing in other languages but one singing fluently in Deutsch is not something we see all the time. Who could have thought of a mesmerizing blend of Deutsch Hip-pop music if not Dboss E? I am not surprised; Du lebst Noch was a massive hit also.


The exceptional attribute of Dboss is that he got a hit for every moment to supplement his versatility. “Switch” is particularly about love and creates just the perfect moment for every couple to have a nice time.
The unification of several languages and the timing of their introduction speak just the language of love.


“Olofofo” stands for “gossip” in Nigeria and shows how the diaspora artist is still very much connected to his root. However, it appears Dboss E was a bit displeased when he recorded “Olofofo” which is directed towards the gossip in the music industry.
Dboss E did not hide his feelings and went all out even with the chorus of the track, “Olofofo, shut your mouth, you too dey talk too much”. Some people might find this actually not attractive since they fall in this category but I think someone just has to speak out and caution them. Olofofo did justice to that pretty well.


This track shows the capacity of Dboss E to control the flow and tempo of his songs as he asserts the significance of God’s grace in every human doing. He also explained some of the difficulties he has faced in the past and how terrible it was with his line, “I remember gone are the days when men dey use honey to chop fufu” while he prays for more grace in the track.

Dboss E sets the track in a prayerful mood which gives it that Gospel climax but was given a bit of ambience by the solemn vibes introduced by the beat.
The 7th, 9th and 11th tracks “Hard life”, “Powerful” and Your day” respectively follow a similar pattern reassuring a person of a better tomorrow and the magnanimity of God to listen to the voice of everyone.
“Isoken”, the 8th track and the 10th, “See the Girl”; are both romantic masterpieces from Dboss E and create a stunning musical background to perfect time spent with a lover.


The last track on the album is the 2020 hit song by Dboss E featuring Xbaba Lewis, “Wotowoto”. The track is full of vibes and just the ideal Afrobeat for that street Jamz. It is always cool to end on a high note you know and that is what Dboss E did here. 

Speaking about his next hit during an interview, Dboss E hinted at dropping another album soon that is going to be “Unbelievable”. Yeah, the album will be titled “Unbelievable”.

Got the joke? Anticipate this bang from the Dboss E soonest.

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