Oduataj Productions and Entertainment Inc Announces New Date And Venue For The 2022 Afroawards

Jul 22
Oduataj Productions and Entertainment Inc Announces New Date And Venue For The 2022 Afroawards
Oduataj Productions and Entertainment Inc Announces New Date And Venue For The 2022 Afroawards
Happening live on Sunday 6th November 2022. at
The address for the event is 1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015.
Oduataj Productions and Entertainment Inc. CEO and President Taiwo Oduala, a Nigerian-born film director and producer, has announced the launch of Afroawards2022, one of the world’s largest projects.
On November 6th, 2022, the Afro Awards 2022 will make its historic debut in Los Angeles.
The inaugural Afro Awards event is eagerly anticipated by both the fans and the organizers, who want to witness something remarkable.
 No matter what, it’s predicted that the Afro Awards will stand the test of time and remain an institution for the next few decades.
Prior to arriving at this momentous occasion, Oduataj  productions and entertainment was highlighted.
We all are familiar with the Oduataj entertainment brand. Since its founding in Los Angeles, the firm has branched out into a wide range of international markets, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey (Turkey), the United Kingdom (UK), Germany (Germany) and Nigeria.
Oduataj Productions and Entertainment is a production firm that has found success in a wide range of filmmaking genres, earning them the reputation of being a well-rounded world class studio.
It is the goal of the firm to bring about a revolution that had begin in Africa. Moreover, has made a lasting impression on Nigeria’s film industry, and also have impact on the rest of the globe.
There is just one goal for Oduataj entertainment, and that is to establish Africa as a major player in the film business. Moreover, its goal is to see prominent names in the business come out with a proposal for a partnership with African Counterparts, which would lead to world-class manufacturing in the sector. This has been accomplished thus far.
An experienced and talented media crew with a wealth of film production ideas is at Oduataj’s disposal for each film adaptation. It’s hoped that the firm will also serve as a bond for bringing people together.
The organization provides a complete range of services, including script writing and production equipment rentals as a consultant to real equipment owners who rely on their ability to arrange transactions and maintain media devices under control during pre-production.
Oduataj also enjoys seeing clients freed of their obligations by representing and advising on Nollywood film marketing and distribution.
Mr Taiwo Oduala, the founder Afro Awards And CEO of Oduataj Productions and entertainment is a visionary. Throughout his own country and throughout the world, he has established himself as a leading figure in his field.
he attended Government College Lagos (GCL) Eric Moore and then graduated from Lagos State University (LASU). Where he studied Sociology And also proceeded to Colorado Film School in the United States where he studied Film Production.
Aside from directing several award-winning films since his carrier as a film maker.
He had always been celebrated from his
 birth on the 10th of March 1976, Alongside his twin brother kehinde oduala, Mr Taiwo Oduala’s full name is Taiwo Adejonwo Oduala. With additional giving names As Akeem and Babawale as infants.
Otunba-JP-Bababatunde Adesoji Oduala and Alhaja Shukurat Afinnih are the parents of Taiwo Adejonwo And his twin brother Kehinde Adebowale Oduala, who go by the birth names Abeeb and Babatunde, respectively.
Taiwo Oduala is based in the United States, in the state of California where the Afro Awards was created by Oduataj productions and entertainment inc who are also into Music, A Global music Label.
 Taiwo Adejonwo Oduala disclosed the event will be held in the center of Los Angeles, California, and will take place on the 6th day of November. On a sunday, 2022. With Red carpet at 5pm and awards ceremony at 7pm, And will be rounded up with after party at 10pm.
Taiwo Oduala is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and producer with over 30 years in the entertainment business under his belt. The Directors Guild of Nigeria counts him as a full member and executive board member (DGN).
His first job as a director. Was on stage and television productions since 1991; full-time study as a director of film and screen productions began in 1994. Between 1994 and 1997, he gained the requisite qualifications and expertise to become a full-time director of feature films.
With Mr Taiwo Oduala at their side, many Nollywood actors and actresses have had the opportunity to experience the other side of acting. With the inauguration of the Afro Awards event, he aims to take another bold step by honoring and recognizing the achievements of individuals and organizations that have had an impact on the African-American community. And in the global society in general.
He has been to nations including Ghana, the Netherlands, Greece, South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom to play a variety of roles.
The Afroawards ceremony is open to anybody with an interest in making a difference in the lives of others and to those who have devoted their lives to doing so.
Numerous luminaries are expected to attend the Afro Awards 2022, making it an unforgettable event that no one should miss.
Another method Taiwo Oduala has decided to connect with the globe is via the Afro Awards event. Numerous monetary and non-financial awards would be handed out during the event.
Mr. Taiwo Oduala thinks that by doing this, people who are already doing good will continue to do so, and those who aren’t will begin to see the importance of making a difference in the lives of others.
His 1997 film, “The Future Adams,” catapulted him into the public eye. Among his many successful films are:
Lady of Faith
Moment of Joy
The Unknown Suspect
Romantic Touch
The Reward
Blooms Berry Hotel
The World Behind
Believe, ETC.
Many indigenous language hits have been made by Taiwo Oduala, including: METOMI, EJA NLA, OLADOJA, ADESEWA, ADUN EWURO, and AWA. He has also directed a number of soap operas and television series, including the following:
Too Young to Die
Try My Job
Meeting With Sport Personalities, etcetera.
Additionally, the film director had prepared a screen shot for the UNICEF initiative. “Hope of Orphans,” a world-class project, is now in development and will be filmed shortly.
Here are a few of his current endeavors:
King of California (a story of Los Angeles homeless)
Dreaming of America
Love From Germany
ILU-OBA-2 (return to queens land)
ILU Canada (Canadian land)
Love From America (coming soon)
Here are a few examples of his previous projects:
ILU America (land of America)
Living A Younger Man
Guilty Advice
Great News
AFEJU (Dangerous Emotions)
The goal of the event is to inspire people to put in extra effort; although the summit may appear out of reach, it is within your grasp if you put in the time and effort.
If you want to meet some of the world’s most famous film stars, Afro Awards 2022 is a great place to do it, as it will bring together some of the biggest names in the business from across the world.
Mr. Taiwo Oduala aims to unite the globe and make it a better place via his efforts. Although the event won’t be open to everyone, since attendance would be strictly by invitation, you can follow live from wherever you are around the globe.
Don’t forget, the red carpet begins by 5pm. Subsequently, the awards ceremony and the after party will follow by 7pm and 10pm respectively.
Something significant is about to happen on November 6th, 2022.
Information about how to get in touch with us may be found here:
@taiwooduala @oduataj @afroawards2022
To follow Oduataj on Twitter, use the handle @oduataj.
You can follow Taiwooduala on Facebook, @oduataj on Twitter, and Afroawards on Instagram.
Email: oduatajking@yahoo.com

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