Oduataj Entertainment Announce Afroawards 2022 – Taiwo Oduala

May 22

Oduataj Entertainment Announce Afroawards 2022 – Taiwo Oduala

Big-name Taiwo Oduala of the Oduataj Production and Entertainment has recently, announced the coming into the scene of what would be one of the world’s biggest projects —Afroawards2022.

Afroawards 2022 has been scheduled to make a groundbreaking entrance in Los Angeles on the 29th of October, 2022.

This would be the first edition of the Afroawards event, the fans are anticipating, and even the organizers are looking forward to seeing something spectacular.

Afroawards 2022

Afroawards is believed to be a long-term project, which if nothing unexpected happens, will be a project for the era.

As mentioned prior to getting here, Oduataj entertainment is the anchor of this groundbreaking event.

Oduataj entertainment as we all know is a big name. The company is rooted in Los Angeles, California, and the USA, however, the company is not only limited to the USA but has left its mark in several countries including world-leading countries such as Dubai, Turkey, the UK, Germany, Nigeria, etcetera.

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Oduataj Production and Entertainment is a production company that has tapped into diverse niches in film production which is why they are renowned as a multifaceted production company.


The company is out to bring about a revolution, and this revolution is one that should start in Africa. And it has left, and still leaving behind, a notable legacy in Nigeria’s film industry and its seeking to affect the world at large.

Oduataj entertainment has only one vision, and that’s to Africa one of the behemoths in the film production industry. And its mission, which it has been accomplishing so far, is to see big names in the industry come forward with a collaboration proposal with African Counterparts which would in turn bring about world-class products in the industry.

For each film interpretation, Oduataj entertainment and production has got an experienced and accomplished media team with rich content/film production ideas. And the company is also looking forward to being a method through which talents would converge.

Oduataj Productions and Entertainment Inc Announces New Date And Venue For The 2022 Afroawards

The company offers a full range of services, including screenplay writing and production equipment rentals as a consultant to actual equipment owners who trust their capacity to negotiate transactions and keep media devices under control throughout pre-production.

Oduataj also loves to see customers relieved of their responsibilities by representing and counseling Nollywood film marketing and distribution.

Taiwo Oduala

Oduataj as a production company is blessed with a visionary, Mr Taiwo Oduala. He is a man who has made a name for himself both in his motherland and abroad.

Mr. Taiwo Oduala was born on the 10th of March and has directed a whole lot of award-winning movies.

Many Nollywood actors and actresses have been privileged to see the other side of acting with Mr. Taiwo Oduala by their sides. He has taken lots of the now big names in the industry to tour the world, and he hopes to take another bold step by launching the Afroawards event that would commend, and reward individual excellence, and humanitarian services.

Nigerian American Film Director to Honor Africans and Americans at Afro Awards 2022

The Afroawards event is for everyone who is interested, and those who have dedicated their lives to changing lives and making an impact where necessary.

The Afroawards 2022 would witness countless dignitaries in attendance, and it would be a remarkable moment that no one should miss out on for anything.

The Afroawards event is another way Taiwo Oduala has chosen to reach out and impact the world. The event would see many prizes and awards given out, both in cash and otherwise.

By doing this, Mr. Taiwo Oduala hopes that those doing good shouldn’t stop, and those who are not will embrace the act of affecting lives in the most positive ways possible.

The event is also directed at encouraging hard work among individuals; the apex might seem out of reach, albeit, with the necessary effort, you will get there.

Afroawards 2022 is one that will bring together big names in the film industry across the globe, and it would be the best place to get to meet with other personalities, and possibly have interactions that would change the course of lives.

Oduataj ft. shine, blaquebeat & coqdee - AFROAWARDS THEME SONG

Mr. Taiwo Oduala hopes to bring the world together, and make it a better place. The fans are already anticipating this big event, your support is also very essential.

Come October 2022, something big is going to take place.


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