GLOxTheVillageHeadmaster Episode 38… One Million Spirits

Jan 23

In this week’s episode of the Glo-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster, it appears the spirits are dissatisfied with the way things are being handled in Oja Village.

Fear seems to be the order of the day in Oja Village as strange sounds are being heard all over the village. Tales are being spread about that the spirits are on the loose, intent on expressing their displeasure with the happenings in Oja Village. It has been said that if one is caught staying out late, the spirits will take possession of the individual’s goods as compensation for the many violations of the laws of the land. Some speculations have risen, with some believing that these events are as a result of Chief Dagbolu’s actions while acting in the Kabiyesi’s stead. Yet, others believe that the spirits want Chief Dagbolu to remain Kabiyesi of Oja. Which of these speculations could be true? And what could really be happening in Oja Village?

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The reign of Chief Dagbolu as acting Kabiyesi has been cut short, as Kabiyesi, the Oloja of Oja, has returned to claim his throne. His return was however met with complaints from different quarters in the Village. Kabiyesi was made aware of the actions carried out by Chief Dagbolu, such as pardoning Chief Gbadegesin and instructing Chief Fadele to enforce strict penalties on the people of Oja for failing to meet his demands for levies. Chief Dagbolu however had defensive statements for all allegations levelled out against him, but will these count for or against him when Kabiyesi makes his judgement on the matter? Will Kabiyesi be able to reverse all the damages done by Chief Dagbolu? Will Kabiyesi allow the pardon for Chief Gbadegesin to stand?


The tense situation between Chief Dagbolu and Prince Adeniyi, was also brought to the attention of Kabiyesi. In Prince Adeniyi’s defence, he claims he was trying to protect his friend and also the legacy his father, the Kabiyesi, had built for years. But what could really have turned sour, the relationship between the Prince and Chief Dagbolu? Will Kabiyesi support the Prince’s actions on this matter or will there be consequences for both the Prince and Chief Dagbolu?

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The cat is out of the bag! The SMC has sent an invitation to Teacher Idemudia to appear for questioning on allegations of presenting forged certifications. Teacher Idemudia decides to confess it all to the Headmaster in the hopes that the latter would save him from the SMC and the police. It wasn’t difficult for the Headmaster to put together from their last conversation that Teacher Iginla had been blackmailing Teacher Idemudia and had eventually carried out the threat to expose him. Will the Headmaster help in this situation? And if he would, what can he do to help salvage the situation?


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