Extremist Assault on Sodiq Ayomide Adeniyi’s Family Residence Due to LGBTQ Involvement

Dec 23

In the Ibadan region of Oyo state, Nigeria, an extremist group targeted the family home of Sodiq Ayomide Adeniyi, citing his involvement in bisexual and other LGBTQ activities.

The incident unfolded on July 14, 2023, around 1 pm, as a group comprised mostly of youths and a few elders in the community took the law into their own hands, attacking Sodiq’s father’s house.

An anonymous eyewitness, speaking on the condition of anonymity, highlighted that the conflict between the Muslim Sodiq Ayomide Family and the community had persisted for over two decades. The primary point of contention was Sodiq’s alleged engagement in bisexual activities, perceived as contrary to the ethics of Islam and the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Quoting the sentiments within the community, the eyewitness conveyed, “Sodiq is stubborn and unwavering in his pursuit of what is considered evil. His involvement in bisexual activities has been a longstanding issue, with the community association warning him to desist from such behavior. Given that this is a Muslim community, such acts are deemed intolerable.”

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“The elders in the community took the drastic step of demoting his father from the position of Imam in the mosque due to the perceived misconduct. Despite numerous meetings held with his family, urging him to abandon such practices, Sodiq remained unresponsive.”

“The extremist group’s attack on Sodiq’s family residence was a direct response to his alleged involvement in bisexual activities. It has been reported that Sodiq Ayomide Adeniyi has sought refuge in Canada to avoid potential harm from the extremist group,” the eyewitness exclaimed.

Adedoyin Olopade, Reporter

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