Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima In 1945

Mar 24

Over the years, conflicts among nations have evolved from the use of sticks and stones, to spears and arrows, eventually to swords, guns, cannons and grenades, but the world was not prepared for what the United States unleashed on Japan on the 6th of August 1945. A massive atomic bomb! That vaporized the city in minutes.

Japan were leading an imperial force in the advent of the second world war, and their great military might left the allied forces plotting a way to bring them to surrender. Of course the United States president then requested a peaceful surrender from the Japanese government, but it was blatantly ignored.

A top secret project was tested and eventually gave the USA the economic and military power that they are known for today. President Harry Truman, ordered the release of the bomb over the city of Hiroshima and the casualty that resulted left everyone in total shock.

On the day of the bombing, at exactly 8:15 am an American B-29 bomber jet nicknamed Enola Gay, dropped ‘little baby’ over Hiroshima. Little baby was the nickname for the devastating atomic bomb that had been developed for mass destruction during wars, with no one expecting it’s use against innocent citizens.

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The bomb exploded with devastating force over the city, killing thousands of people and reducing the buildings and infrastructure around to rubbles.

The impact of the attack brought Japan to a surrender, which led to the end of the second world war. But such action by the United States government was not left uncriticized.

You wouldn’t believe that city is still rubbles and desolate to this day, a complete wasteland with hundred of thousands of dead bodies buried under. The narration is better suited when you learn what led to every event in these bombings….

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