Abi’amo by IYO (Atobolafunmusic)

May 22
Abi'amo by Iyo Band

Abi’amo by Iyo Band

Nigerian contemporary music team IYO (Atobolafunmusic) emerges with a brand new single melody titled Abi’amo. This powerful sound is an indepth plead unto God almighty to keep our children far away from death and unforeseen circumstances.

No matter what we achieved in this world, children are very important. Even the psalmist said it in Psalms 127:3; “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward”. Our children are heritage of what so ever we possessed. So download this song and pray to God the only true Abi’amo Orun.


Abi’amo by Iyo Lyrics

Mama je n gbo mo gbin 2x
Abi’amo orun 2x
Mama je n gbo mo gbin

Mo le gbin’su
Mo le gbin’ta
Mo le gbin’reke

Mo le gbin’su
Mo le gbin’ta
Mo le gb’efo
Mo le gbin’reke o

Eru abi’amo kii tu
Kan ma gbe ka mi mo’le
Oju mi to mo’bere omo
Ma je ko’r’opin won
Oju mi to ri won to r’erin
Ma je n fi sokun lori won
Ma je kan ti mi mo’le
Kan ma so pe e ma je ko gbo o

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Ogun eru ko le ra’kan
Ile olowo nla ko to kan
Ile to pa lolo
ko l’ayo omo ni
Je n ri t’emi gbe jo

Abiye ni t’emi o je o 2x

K’omo mi d’agba
Ko di’ru
Ko di’gba
Ki n b’omo da le
Ki n j’ere omo

K’ase ni l’ori
Ma se ri ti won se
K’akuko gagara
Ma se ri won mu l’ohun pa

Ile okobo ni n toro
Ki n ma y’agan ooro
Ki n ma se y’agan ale

K’awon omo mi s’oro
L’awujo awon oloriire
K’awon eniyan ma se
Shaun sir Shaun ma

Owuro re ko ro e l’orun
Osan ko san e
K’ale re dara

You shall be great
It shall be well
You’ll not be poor
You’ll prosper and live long…

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