Biggy Khali Ft EmmyStringz, EmmyRaze – “Ma Girl

Apr 20

Nigeria witnessed the rise of a musical sensation – “Ma Girl,” an Afrobeat masterpiece that captured the hearts of many. Crafted by the talented artist and entrepreneur, BIGGY Khali, this track not only dominated local airwaves but left an indelible mark on the city’s music scene.

BIGGY Khali, the creative force behind “Ma Girl,” showcased his versatile skills by seamlessly blending Afrobeat rhythms with rap elements. The song featured compelling verses delivered by BIGGY Khali himself, complemented by the distinct contributions of EmmyRaze. Adding another layer of brilliance to the track was Emmystringz, the multifaceted artist who not only lent his vocal talents but also skillfully produced captivating beats.

What makes “Ma Girl” even more noteworthy is the collaborative spirit fostered by BIGGY Khali. As the founder of “Ameboloaded Worldwide,” an esteemed entertainment blog and label, BIGGY Khali has played a pivotal role in nurturing local talent in Kaduna. His commitment to supporting upcoming artists is evident through his blog, which provides a platform for free song promotion, helping aspiring musicians gain exposure and recognition.

Daddy Danny - Turn by Turn

The success of “Ma Girl” goes beyond its catchy tunes; it symbolizes the dedication and passion of BIGGY Khali in contributing to the growth of the music scene in Kaduna. As an award-winning entertainment blogger and label owner, BIGGY Khali’s impact extends beyond his personal achievements, reaching and uplifting the entire artistic community in Nigeria.

“Ma Girl” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and community spirit in the world of Afrobeat. It not only entertained the masses but also served as a catalyst for aspiring artists, thanks to the unwavering support of BIGGY Khali and his Ameboloaded Worldwide platform. The song’s legacy continues to echo through the streets of Northern Nigeria, reminding us of the vibrant musical tapestry that emerged from this dynamic Nigerian city Kaduna.


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