Yesterday, my blog’s comodo ssl certificate expired and instead of renewing the ssl certificate, I deleted it via cPanel and replaced it with Letsencrpyt ssl certificate which I get for free on my Siteground web hosting plan.

Deleting the expired ssl certificate from my WordPress site was easy. I signed in to cPanel, navigate to the “security” section, clicked “SSL/TLS manager”, clicked “manage ssl sites” link and clicked the “uninstall” link next to the expired comodo ssl certificate.

Thereafter, I proceeded to installing Letsencrypt free ssl certificate. This was done easily by making use of the siteground let’s encrypt tool which offers one-click installation of let’s encrypt ssl certificate. The tool is available via SiteGround cPanel.

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siteground let's encrypt tool for ssl


The tool also makes it easy to enforce https via the https settings.


force https ssl settings


I used WhyNoPadlock to check if there is any non-secure content but there was none. The site passed the test.


whynopadlock sssl check test result


Kindly note that Siteground Letsencrypt free ssl certificate autorenews every 90 days.

If you need fast, reliable hosting for your wordpress blogs, try Siteground wordpress web hosting.

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