New mobile phones these days come with new and increasingly complex features while online platforms are also giving us much more content than ever before. In addition, many aspects of our lives that formerly had no need for the internet have now been moved online.

From banking to checking exam results; from paying for goods and services to paying electricity bills and buying call credit. In a way, having our entire lives online is a sign of progress, and means we’re current and up to date. But the cost of living our lives online in Nigeria today is (expensive) mobile data.

And that’s where Mighty Data, one of the cheap data resellers in Nigeria, comes in. At Mighty Data, you can buy cheapest data plans of all networks. Using Mighty Data services, you can achieve all you want to do online with ease and speed!

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ALL of Mighty Data internet plans are sold at a discounted rate compared to the direct prices from the various network providers.Check below for our available data plans:

CHEAP MTN Data Plans

  • MTN 10GB – N4800
  • MTN 5GB – N2600
  • MTN 4GB – N2100
  • MTN 3GB – N1600
  • MTN 2GB – N1100
  • MTN 1GB – N600
  • MTN 500MB – N500
  • (Higher plans also available on request)

Note: All the Cheap MTN Data Plans are valid for 90 days!

To buy any of the above Mighty Data Cheap MTN plans, please visit


CHEAP Airtel Data plans

  • Airtel 5GB – N2400
  • Airtel 3.5GB – N1900
  • Airtel 1.5GB – N950
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Note: All the Cheapest Airtel Data Plans are valid for 30 days.

To get any of these Cheapest Airtel Data plans by Mighty Data, visit


CHEAP Glo Data Plans

  • Glo 25GB – N7200
  • Glo 15.6GB – N4600
  • Glo 12.5GB – N3700
  • Glo 7.2GB – N2300
  • Glo 4.5GB – N1800
  • Glo 2GB – N900
  • Glo 1GB – N500 (Valid for 10 days)
  • (Higher data plans are available on request)

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all the Cheap Glo Data Plans are valid for 30 days.

To buy any of Mighty Data’s Cheap Glo Data Plans, click on


CHEAP 9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plans

  • 9mobile 5GB – N3200
  • 9mobile 4GB – N2600
  • 9mobile 3GB – N2000
  • 9mobile 2GB – N1400
  • 9mobile 1GB – N700
  • 9mobile 500MB – N500
  • (Higher data plans available on request)
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Note: All 9mobile by Mighty Data plans are valid for 30 days.

Mighty data Cheap 9mobile data plans are available for you 24/7. To get yours, visit

cheap mobile data reseller in Nigeria


So, if you are in need of cheap mobile data reseller in Nigeria where you can buy cheap data plans,


Or contact Mighty Data via 07033044456/ 09097619649/ 08185920059.

You can also connect with Mighty Data via:

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