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Previously, people had to look for public WIFI hotspots to connect their devices to the internet. But now, they can get access via the hotspot functions in their phone-anytime and anywhere.

With a mobile hotspot, you can connect as much as ten mobile phones. One of such phones to support this function is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Are you thinking of a way to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as mobile hotspot for your devices? Well before you can achieve this, your Samsung smartphone should have internet connection via mobile data. Although the phone has all the qualities to serve as an ideal hotspot, your data bundle on your device also plays a huge role.

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When you activate the mobile hotspot and apply the correct settings, your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will begin an SSID broadcast in which you can connect your phone, tablets or PC. It is important you know that both the host and the connected devices use the data on the mobile device making you consume a large data bundle within a short time.

However, if you do not mind the heavy consumption or you have access to unlimited data, here areinstructions on how to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a hotspot.

Ways to Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as Mobile Hotspot

There are two ways to achieve this and we will be guiding you below:

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Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as Hotspot via Mobile Tethering

  1. Locate settings by drawing down the notification bar and clicking the gear-shaped settings icon.
  2. Click Connections.
  3. Move down and tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  4. Select MobileHotspot. Tap on Mobile Hotspot
  5. Input a name and a password for your mobile hotspot.
  6. Now tap or swipe the switch to turn on your hotspot.
  7. Now click or slide the switch to activate the hotspot.
  8. After this, your phone will authenticate your mobile plan as the hotspot feature and start to use the WIFI connection.
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Next, some instructions will pop up on your screen, follow them to help you connect devices to the Note 9.

As regards sharing your internet connection, there is another method known as tethering with which you can share a connection with your computer with a USB cable. You might also want to know how to activate this feature.

Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as Mobile Hotspot via USB Cable

  1. First, go to the Settings option by bringing down the notification bar and clicking on the gear-shaped settings icon.
  2. Choose Connections.
  3. Move down and tap on Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  4. Choose the USB Tethering option which changes colour when you connect the USB Type-C cable.
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