9mobile you and me codes let you register and manage your 9mobile family and friends numbers if you are on the 9mobile moretalk prepaid plan which allows you to get free airtime every week to call your loved ones. You are required to recharge N100 or N200 in a week in order to receive the free airtime.

If you migrate to moretalk 9mobile prepaid plan, you will get N100 “free credit” during the week you recharge N100 and if you recharge up to N200, you will get N300 “free credit”. You can enjoy up to N1200 “free credit” every month by recharging with a minimum of N200 per week.

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You can only use the free credit to call the phone numbers on your 9mobile you and me list.

How To Register You and Me Numbers On 9Mobile

If you want to add family and friends on 9mobile, dial * 233 * 1 * 9mobile number #.

How To Remove A Number from 9Mobile You and Me List

To delete a You & Me number on 9mobile, dial * 233 * 2 * 9mobile Number #.

If you want to replace a 9mobile You&Me number, dial * 233 * 3 * Old number * New number #.

How To View 9Mobile You and Me Numbers

dial * 233 #

9mobile moretalk prepaid plan tariff codes benefits



If you are not on 9mobile moretalk prepaid package, you will need to migrate to the package for you to be able to enjoy the 9mobile family and friends tariff. Please dial * 244 * 2 # to migrate to More Talk, it costs N100.