Young Nigerian lawyer shared his emotional encounter with his mom’s killers in court on social media. thisiskingsal wrote;

‘Ladies and gentlemen!
Ok, I was in court today with my sister for my mum’s murder case. Most of you know how my mum was abducted by her driver in 2011 and later killed and kept in her deep freezer where she was later found dead…

So, today in court, the driver and his brother who killed her, excused me to the side to plead with me to plead with the court before judgement which will be months from now, in order for the Judge to give them a lesser sentence. 
This poo messed up my head, even though these guys had earlier begged and apologised to myself and my sister, and we have wholeheartedly forgiven them, even before the said apology. Myself and my sister have taken a decision on this, but I thought to share this with you, to see what you would do in the circumstance, with someone’s life almost in your hands technically… phewww!!!!’
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