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All those currently contending with an Adulterous spouse, may the Lord deliver you so you don’t get into a deeper mess because of someone who can’t control their s*xual drive.

A man has killed his wife and bro after catching them having s*x.

The unfortunate incident happened at their house in Ufa, Russia.

According to reports, Oleg Kirkunov had woken up in the middle of the night because he was hearing noises. As soon as he caught them in the despicable act, he went to take his gun and shot both, killing them instantly.

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He then called the police to report the incident. 

According to him, his 65-year-old brother Evgeny was invited by the couple to their home for a meal and drinks. He later went to bed in the couple’s spare room.

When he woke due to the noise, he saw that his wife was not in bed, he then went to the room where his brother slept and saw his wife having s*x with him.

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When the police arrived at the home, the duo were already dead. Kirkunov has since been charged with double murder, but, surprisingly, his actions have seen him praised as a hero on social media.
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