Pageant: Miss Industry Nigeria 2019

Miss Industry Nigeria is a maiden event and an initiative of Lady Ruth Chioma Nnorom, which resulted from the need to encourage the young Nigerian females to take active part across various industries while positioning them for world class-leadership in these fields. This pageantry seeks to create a platform for women to truly believe in themselves and what they can achieve when they set their mind to it. As there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.
The pageantry which will take place annually will bring to light career
opportunities that the average Nigerian female can leverage upon to enhance
productivity. Miss Industry 2019 is focusing on its contestants to be more
industrious, build capacity and self-confidence in order to make lasting impacts in
our nation and world at large.
Thus, the Miss Industry 2019 slogan is “Beauty in Professionalism”.
To create a lasting economic based impact in the youths using beauty, fashion, music, entertainment and lifestyle.
To help young women develop career paths across various industries.
To provide mentorship opportunities which will develop their capacities in their choice professions.
To create networking opportunities that will help them build strong values.
To empower young women to be independent and productive members of the society.

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