Home News Unveiling the Political Gladiator in the person of Engineer Ahmed Satomi

Unveiling the Political Gladiator in the person of Engineer Ahmed Satomi


Unveiling the Political Gladiator in the person of Engineer Ahmed Satomi.

Every stable society always yearns for a political gladiator, a philanthropist, an innovator, a promise keeper and above all one who holds the society at heart. All these qualities and more have been found to be embedded in thirty six years old(36) engineer and politician, Engineer Ahmed Satomi. Born in Jere Local Government Area of Borno State, Engineer Satomi started schooling at Old Maiduguri Primary School, he later proceeded to Government College Maiduguri for his post primary education. Due to his love for education and his earnest desire to better the lives of people around him, Engineer Satomi proceeded to Teachers Institute Kaduna where he obtained his pivotal teacher certificate and later obtained a Diploma in Computer Programming. Due to unavailable funds to further his Education, Engineer Satomi worked as a teacher in Mafoni Day Secondary School where he taught Mathematics, before later applying for admission into the University Of Maiduguri where he went on to study Civil and Water resources Engineering.
Due to the passion he had for the downtrodden and as well his desire for Community Service, Engineer Satomi opted for a wider horizon so as to affect more lives.

Engineer Ahmed Satomi’s journey into politics started during his University days spanning to his graduation. He has being with President Buhari since his ANPP days, before the president moved to CPC where Engineer Satomi served in various leadership capacities. He contested for the member representing Jere in the Federal House of Representatives in 2015 but lost with a very narrow margin during the primaries. He was later appointed as the chairman of State Emergency Management Agency where he was able to reorganize the agency for better service delivery. Governor Kashim Shettima had an increased confidence in the capabilities of Engineer Ahmed Satomi due to his various achievements in the State Emergency Management Agency(SEMA) within the shortest possible time, this prompted the state Government to consider him fit to head Borno State Road Maintenance Agency(BORMA) till date. Where he transformed Borno State into a zero pot hole state via increased road construction as well as maintenance of roads within the state.
Aside from his achievements in his line of duty, Engineer Satomi has awarded various scholarships, provided employment, built Mosques and as well paid West African Examination Council(WAEC) and National Examination Council(NECO) fees for indigenes of Jere Local Government Area and by extension the State at large. On a personal basis, Engineer Ahmed Satomi is a recipient of various Awards among which is the General Excellence Award of Leadership.

Even as he is currently running for the Office of Member Representing Jere Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives under the auspices of All progressive Congress(APC), who else could be a better candidate if not Engineer Ahmed Satomi. He is a young, energetic, vast thinker, policy maker, and as well one who always has his people at heart. Indeed all these qualities and more have been tested and properly exhibited during his days as the Chairman of the State Emergency Agency and as well his current status as the Chairman of Borno State Road Maintenance Agency.
Indeed it is worthy to note that Engineer Ahmed Satomi deserves The support of each and every indigene of Jere Local Government Area and Borno State at large even as he contests for the Member House of Representative representing Jere Federal Constituency considering his past records and his innate desire to improve on the lives of the people of Jere Local Government and by Extension Borno State at large.


  1. From the above mentioned capacity and capabilities of engineer Ahmad Satomi. I concur and have no doubt on him to represent my people of Jere LGA

  2. The man of the people the political goro and the rescue transformer. All over we know his vision mission strategy plan action is politics of development. ENGR SATOMI FOREVER

  3. Power and authority belongs to Allah only him can decide the future’s with certainty.the signed as shown that your real ambitious and focus youth, the voice of voiceless, man of integrity and justice we need transparency in our constituency and is one of your best character, keep it up more ahead thanks for your service and sacrifice together we can make it happen.
    Jere victory is yours insha Allah.


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